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Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Home Hair Care is a vital companion to Salon Service.

We’ll guide you in purchasing the right products & tools to maintain your in between salon visits

February 10,2022

What is your style?

July 12th 2022

Finding the right cut for your hair may seem difficult. But with some assistance, the right hair designer can help you too come to a joyful conclusion. 

This style (pictured to the left) is very sleek, and versatile. 

The shape allows for her to make a statement on both dressed up  and dressed down days.

If you have thought about adding more lashes to compliment your existing lashes, you should go for it!

It’s not the trend that will hook you. It’s the amazing difference they’ll make to your appearance.

Also, don’t forget the brows. 

Eyebrow tinting adds definition. And shaping brightens your eyes & lifts your countenance.

July 13, 2022